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why amanhavis?

The Sample Menu

Welcome to Amanhavis

Hand-crafted frozen Mug of Cava Champagne with Passionfruit Essence 4.95 €

Made by the creative hands of Nick:

Tonight´s Starters

Soup of freshly picked BenahavisTomato with a touch of Ginger and Courgette Chips 6.95 €


Incredible Amanhavis Salad with sauted Apples, Grapes, Pine-Nuts on Walnut Sauce 6.95 €


Andalucian Soup of Rock Fishes and Sea Bream and Puffpastry Flute 9.95 €


Colourful Spring Salad with poached red Tuna Fillets on Herb Dressing 9.95 €


Ronda Rocket Leaves with caramelized Quail and Lamb Slices, Benahavis Orange - Chive Dressing 9.95 €


Home-made Tagliatelli Pasta with Langostinos and Garden Vegetable Sauce 9.95 €


Our Speciality at 19.95 €, including a small glass of Sweet Wine
Pan-fried Goose Liver - Foie Gras with Balsamico Mushrooms Sauce on toasted Thyme Brioche


Medallion of regional Sea Bass on Cherry Tomato - Lemongrass Sauce 19.95 €


Seared Fillet of regional Red Tuna with a Touch of Pesto and Wasabi Sorbet 22.95 €


Fillet of regional Venison on mild Mango Sauce 24.95 €


Vegetarian : Gratinated Risotto with Oyster Mushrooms and Tomatoes 17.95 €


Local Speciality : Oven-roasted Ronda Lamb Slices, Lime - Herb Sauce, truffled Potato Mash 19.95 €


Regional Speciality of typical Andalucian Fish Plate 29.95 €
Poached Fillets of Sea Bream, Turbot, Scallop, Mussels and Tiger Prawn in Saffron Jus

B B Q BEEF from Fields of Sevilla, dry aged

Sirloin 175 gr 16.95 €

Ribeye 275 gr 19.95 €

Fillet / Tenderloin 250 gr 24.95 €

Veal Fillet 210 gr 24.95 €

Surf & Turf with giant Tiger-Prawn 29.95 €

B B Q LAMB, near Ronda

Rack of Lamb 22.95 €

Lamb Cutlets 19.95 €

B B Q Iberian PORK & Corn-fed Chicken

Presa - Ibérico Porc Speciality 225 gr 21.95 €

Corn-fed Chicken 14.95 €

Chicken Breast stuffed with Prawns 19.95 €

All BBQ Specialities have been marinated and char-grilled, served with :
Authentic Aioli Sauce, Chimi-Churri Sauce Smoked Pepper-Merlot Sauce, Onion Jam

All Main-Courses are served with baked Potato Slices and Cauliflower and Broccoli With a touch of Pesto

Sweet Desserts - 6.95 €
inclusive of a small glass of sweet Sparkling Wine (not for Sorbet Selection)

Chocolate Cheese Cake with Raspberry Sauce and Mango Sorbet


Puffpastry with local Baby Pears on Orange Sauce and Chocolate Ice Cream


Refreshing Selection of Summer Fruit Sorbets with / without Vodka or Cava


Regional Speciality - Warm Andalucian Blue Cheese with toasted Sesame Pears and Cristal Bread - 9.95 €

Amanhavis Café

An Andalusian Speciality of a hearty Coffee, Almond and regional Liqueurs
Served in our hand-crafted Coffee Mug 8.50 €, or taking the Coffee Mug home - 16.95 €

All prices are subject to 10 % VAT

At Amanhavis you may continue to pay with our good old Peseta if you so wish.
A sparkling idea: We have Amanhavis Gift Vouchers for you.

Subject to changes without prior notice