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Our Rooms

  • Our rooms are beautifully decorated and themed according to their names in order to recreate a great and welcoming environment for our guests. We hope you enjoy your staying with us and have the nicest of times!

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Deluxe Rooms

  • The Astronomer’s Observatory
    The Astronomer’s Observatory

    In ancient times Astronomers established the precise time for harvest, planting and religious celebrations; they were often taken for the likes of the Astrologers. Nowadays, if you search the explanation of your dreams and your future, come to the Astronomer’s Observatory.

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  • The Catholic King's Royal Quarters
    The Catholic King's Royal Quarters

    In the period of the 15th century, Spain under the reign of Ferdinand V and Isabel I of Castilla, reflected a Spanish Royalty, which was strongly devoted to Catholicism. The atmosphere of this room reflects the emblem of the reign of Castile and Aragon;

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  • The Sultan Boabdil's Chamber
    The Sultan Boabdil's Chamber

    The Sultan Boabdil was the last Sultan of Granada, he surrounded the city to the Catholic Kings Isabelle and Ferdinand without a fight ending the reign of the Moors in Andalucia. This room has an Arabic atmosphere decorated according to the Moorish style.

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Superior Rooms

  • The Alchemist's Laboratory
    The Alchemist's Laboratory

    During the settlement of the Arabic people in Spain, appears the character of the Alchemist as the great searcher of the Philosophical Stone, with which he would be able to find the formula of converting metals in gold and the long-awaited eternal youth.

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  • The Christopher Columbus Berth
    The Christopher Columbus Berth

    Although born in Italy, the Spanish Crown entrusted Christopher Columbus’s three ships to find the promised western waterways to Asia. From a near by village called, Pale (between Huelva and Cadiz) he lifted the anchors and set sail towards Tenerife and then to the Americas.

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  • The Horse Thief's hide out
    The Horse Thief's hide out

    In the days of the Middle Ages, piracy and horse-thief's were very common. To give this profession refuge at Amanhavis, it was necessary to find the treasures of his adventures. Large boots in front of the entrance give you a first impresssion of what is coming your way.

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Standard Rooms

  • The Spice Trader's Caravan
    The Spice Trader's Caravan

    Young and old were always driven to venture forth to seek the gold and other treasures behind the stories, which came from the Oriental horizons. The Spice Traders, amassing fortunes in those days, brought the spices, scented barks, oils, herbs and other formerly un-known resources back to their homelands.

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  • The Philosopher's Study
    The Philosopher's Study

    During the period of medieval mysticism, King Alphonse X, “The Wise”, opens a fascinating philosophical and cultural window to the world of knowledge, thanks to his translations of Persian literature, Greek philosophy and Arabic medicine.

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  • The Monastery's Sanctuary
    The Monastery's Sanctuary

    Monks, Friars, Nuns and Novices have been the most important people in medieval Spanish town-ships. Often they were consulted for advise, education, judgement and making decisions in awkward situations. But they were often also held responsible for misfortunes of any kind and ended up being chased out of the village or even worse.

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  • Extra bed: 10 €
  • Breakfast: 12 €

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